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Kabitar Camp Is Arranged Every Year at Bhalo Pahar
Next Kobitar Camp at Bhalopahar will be held from August 19 to 22, 2016


All are welcome to Palash Mela held every year.

Eye clinic is being held at Bhalopahar on March 8 and 9 2015 at Bhalopahar


Cataract operation was held on March 11 and 12, 2015 at Bhalopahar.


Medical Camp was held on February 19 & 20, 2015 at Bhalo Pahar by Shramajibi Hospital for checkup of patients with diseases like Hydrosil,External Cysts and Phymosis. Operation Camps are to be conducted on March 22 and 23, 2015.


Dental Camp was held on November 4,5 & 6, 2014 at Bhalo Pahar.


Eye Camp was held on August 27& 28, 2014 at Bhalo Pahar.





Bhalopahar Receives Telegraph School Award
Bhalo Pahar School won the Patton School Award for 2008 from The Telegraph, instituted for excellence in teaching by caring about environment.


About Bhalopahar

Bhalopahar is a Society ( Registration number. S/83195 of W.B. Act 26/1961) for Culture, Ecology & Rural Development.

Bhalopahar is located at Bandwan block of Purulia District , West Bengal in the border of Jharkand and Orissa.

A small group of dreamers put their heart and soul into an acquired piece of barren land in arid Purulia district, where they so far planted more than a lakh and twenty thousand trees.

It is also an archive for the preservation and propagation of almost extinct as well as existing folk culture from all over the world.

Foundation Day of the Organisation- 1st September.

Bhalo Pahar

The Organisation deals in Afforestation and Education of Tribal Children.

The key concept is "total education" - a formal school education integrated with rural development, ecology (aforestation and preservation of forest and endangered plant species), conservation of folk culture and tradition, primary health care and community hygeine, farming and cultivation. The dry and empty landscape changed into a lush green forest with small clearings for cultivation of rice and other foodgrains. Near, on the main road, is a campus that houses the school under the shade of a sprawling garden - minimalist in feature, but rich in variety of plants and trees.

The dream is to produce a stream of local boys and girls who learn all there is to learn from textbooks but also the lessons we learn only in the cradle of nature. Growing up amidst scents of flowers, shades of trees, songs and drumbeats, these predominantly santhal and other tribal children would grow up as the 'earth children' who would learn to care for the environment and the society and not learn to live for themselves only.

The Organisation has a Health Centre which regularly arranges Medical Camps. Any help regarding this would be considered precious. A noteworthy medical event was the restoration of normal life to one of our students, Hapan, suffering of pulmonary hypertension and genetic cardiac disorder.

Arrangements are regularly made to distribute essential commodities to Tribals.

Several alternative Livelihood Projects, like horticulture, rain-harvesting are arranged to employ man and woman labour alike.

A separate department, Bhalo Pahar Cchapa Bhuban has been formed to see the production of Bhalo Pahar House Chronicle into a Registered Environment Magazine to tell the world about Nature and its Good Mountain .

The more you visit the more we grow.